My name is Nicole, but 95% of the time I am "Mom" (to five)
I'm an artist, photographer, marketing designer, reader, writer, cooker, eater.......I don't know why but that just made me laugh. 
Which brings me to my next thing....I have been told by more than the average number of people that I am weird. 
...and I'm okay with that. 
Based on my Instagram feed, my favorite food is apparently pancakes. 
I have a completely non-sexual crush on Abraham Lincoln. 
I believe in horoscopes. Look up "Libra Quotes"....that is me. 
I wear hearing aids...and I still have no idea what you just said. 
The first book I fell in love with was Charlotte's Web, but I love to read just about anything. 
I equally love and am afraid of the outdoors. So my dream of one day living in a secluded cabin off the grid may come as a challenge. (*Note to self: Learn self defense against wild animals or how to become best friends with them.....preferably best friends, because that would be really cool).
I'm constantly trying to find ways to find balance and better manage my time.
I'm a penny pusher (aka a cheap ass person).
Cupcakes and Bacon are life...and bread, don't forget the bread. 
The older I get, the less I like people.
I religiously use a daily planner and colored pens like I'm still living in the 90s. 
I can sound like Chewbacca better than you can. 
Dressing up and doing 'fancy things' makes me uncomfortable. 
I love yoga and pretend to practice it more than I actually do. 
The Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series, so nothing else matters now.
I have enough interests and dreams that it would take me four lifetimes to do everything I want. 
I have the song "Love is Alive" by The Judd's stuck in my head right now...
I can't promise that this blog will get updated regularly, because I kind of suck at the whole balance and time management thing (see above).
I don't work out because I pack an extra 20lbs of baby on my left hip and climb mountains of laundry for fun. 
I only wash my hair once a week and have the best hair of my life. 
I get tons of daily junk email that I continue to delete every day because I'm too lazy to unsubscribe. 
I haven't had a full nights sleep in over a year.
Sometimes I buy generic food and put it in name brand packaging so that my family won't know the difference, and they never do. Which proves my point...

Okay, I'm getting bored with this.... 

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