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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The last two months has been craaaazy  and I'm going to throw a pretty short n' sweet post your way just to say "Hey, how are you, I'm still alive and breathing and here's what's been up".

Finding time to shower has become an actual life struggle, let alone finding time to do any writing & blogging. Fulfilling my goal of one day writing a novel got moved to my "To do in my next lifetime" list. Even sitting down to write this post took twice as long to do because two of my kids saw me typing and then that turned into "Oh, I want to type something!" and ended up with them typing random letters into a blank word document for a solid 15 minutes, both pounding the keyboard with excessive force. I truly did not know if my "C" key would even work for this post.

So much has been going on, and it's stressful and chaotic at times, but it's been filled with fun activities from my active and healthy family, which I can't complain about and feel so blessed to have in my life. There is such a thing as good chaos, even if it doesn't always feel like it. Between the daily life of chores, housework, bills, working, and all the adulting Marty and I are required to do, the kids schedules have been keeping us plenty busy on top of everything else with school ending and summer beginning. 
As the younger kids were finishing out school with spring concerts and field trips (seemed like they had something going in daily), we also got the garden started at home (which has since been neglected already and needs restarted. awesome), and ball season got underway before school even ended. Brody also decided to play ball this year as well, and thankfully his season beginning and Gradey's ending are just overlapping, rather than having both going on at the same time. Brody is still in his cast from his hand surgery he had back in February, so although he doesn't get to play much, he's really loving being a part of a team and getting to practice and play any time he gets. Gradey had a great ball season. He had new coaches this year and improvement showed in the whole team and they finished the season 9-2-1! Max is thinking of starting baseball this year with soft pitch, which is a shorter season for younger kids that introduces them to getting the hang of the basics and comfortable with catching and hitting the ball. When the boys aren't at practice and games, they have a game going in town with all the other neighborhood boys. I love their love for the game. It's either baseball or nerf guns around here. Alyssa has been busy with dance as usual and just finished her track season. She did an awesome job at her meet a few weeks ago when Marty and I took the boys to go watch. I don't mean to brag, actually yes I am...but these kids possess some pretty amazing talent. 
We've been going to Des Moines quite alot the last few months. Sometimes weekly. Since Brody's surgery, he has to get routine x-rays, CT scans, and cast changes as he's healing, which is a slow process. This week we go back up for what we're hoping is the last cast removal, and then go into a splint that he would have to wear for an extended period of time. We're getting burnt out of the trips and he's tired of the casts, so he's ready for it to be over. I've been in the process of having my ears checked out and tested again to get some new and better hearing aids, so we've added a few more trips up for that, plus a couple trips for Sam to see the neurologist to have his head checked out since it measures too big, although his development is fine, just to be on the safe side. He also had to take a trip for hearing test to rule out any hereditary hearing loss. I will be very happy once on our long trips to Des Moines comes to an end.
Gradey just celebrated his 9th birthday with a nerf war party that turned out pretty good (I would consider it Pinterest worthy. *pats self on back*) and he had several friends come. They all showed up in camo and we gave them camo head bands, face paint and their own dog tags. They all looked pretty badass. After setting up the war zone, I didn't have the ambition to take it back down until the following week, so the kids and all their neighborhood friends took advantage of that while they could. The amount of nerf bullets in the yard during cleanup was unreal. I'm getting ready to start planning Sam's first birthday party for next month (.....Like, I can't even believe this is here already and I'm probably most likely going to cry that day). The last few years we've made the tradition of having a get together at our house for the Fourth of July, and since his birthday is the 10th, we will make it one party until he's old enough to want something else. I mean, who doesn't want a fireworks show at their birthday party?! And bubbles....he has to have bubbles. 
Since my last post, Brody got his drivers permit and Alyssa will will get hers this fall. A few nights ago Brody also had his 8th Grade Graduation and is heading into can this be happening already?!........I'm just going to go cry now. 
After months of what feels like "go go go", it is the perfect time for Marty and I to take a much needed break, since we haven't had one since....ever. Next week we are taking a very much needed, quiet weekend to ourselves, spending most of our time fishing, which we both love. I am going to sleep through the night....for first time in over a year. The level of excitement for this is beyond anything I've ever felt before.

Until next time... ♥ 

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