Saturday, March 18, 2017

This post primarily goes out to my existing followers and readers, to the friends that have followed my blog over the years or from the beginning. You'll notice that everything that once existed on my page, is no longer here. Same goes for some of my social media feeds. There are several different reason's I have decided to clean up these pages and start fresh, which I'm not really going to go into specifically. All the reasons come from a positive place, from growth, and from deciding what it is that I want out of this blog. I feel like my life and the world we live in today is so far different just from the time I started this blog, and there are just precious things in my life that I simply am choosing to keep off of the internet and all to myself. 

The majority of the posts and feel of this space will remain the same as it always has, but better. I will re-share some of my old favorite posts as well along the way. 

So, whether this visit is your first or your hundredth......welcome. ♥

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