Dining Chairs Mini-Makeover

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

With our house slowly (but surely) getting a face-life, I will more than likely be posting my fair share of Before & After photos of projects/etc that I will be doing. 

I bought this solid wood set of table and chairs for our dining room from a local thrift shop that was having a 'moving sale' for only $50.00. The set we had before was my Mom's and it was a good size table plus an extra leaf and six chairs. It was great when we had company, but we rarely do and it just took up too much space in our SMALL dining room. So I decided I would rather have a smaller table and make room for company the couple of times a year that we DO have company.
I immediately fell in love with the rustic/worn hard wood and that it was smaller. I knew it had potential and the ugly dark green leather seats could easily be replaced. Mom and I took it home and recovered the chairs immediately.
Flip the chairs upside down and remove the screws that are holding the seat to the chair. 
The seats has minimal padding and were not very comfortable, so we add some more foam cushion. After you remove the seat from the chair, center the seat on top of the foam.
Using a marker, trace around the edges of the seat to mark where you need to cut the foam.
Using scissors, cut along your marker line to cut out your seat cushion.
Lay your fabric on the table, back side up, and center your cushion and seat on top of the fabric.
Tightly wrap one side of the fabric around the seat and seal in place with several staples.
Do all four sides and then the corners until you get something that looks similar to this. It doesn't look very pretty, I know, but no one is going to see it. 

One step that you could do here if you really don't like to leave the bottom showing like this, is cut a piece of cardboard or additional fabric the same size/shape as the hole in the chair and staple it to cover this. 
Put the chair back onto the seat cushion and screw them back together.

One down....3 more to go. 
But, I think that just by changing this fabric made a big difference. These poor chairs still had the original seat coverings on them and were in desperately need of some love. They were smiling when we got done with them!! 
The next day I was at wWalmart and found a dishes set on clearance that matched this fabric almost perfectly!! I was pretty psyched! It was meant to be. 


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