Sponge Water Bombs

Friday, May 4, 2012

I found this idea for my kids here on Pinterest, and knew I had to make them!! They are so colorful and fun and it's a great alternative to water balloons, without the hassle and mess. 
To make these, you will need:
Colorful, inexpensive sponges. I got these 4 pack sponges at Doller General for $2/Each
Zip Ties
Nail Clippers or nippers
Cut each sponge into three strips. 
Combine and stake six strip like picture above. You can do all the same colors, many colors, or two colors. Whichever you prefer is fine.
Wrap a zip tie around the middle of the stack of sponges and pull tight as possible. Use needle nose pliers for this part if needed. Cut off excess zip tie
Using nail clippers/nippers, cut off the little bit of excess zip tie that the scissors didn't get. It will remove any sharp edges. 
Make as many as you want. I ended up  making 16 bombs, I think. I still need to find some kind netting bag to keep these in after the kids play with them. 

Since we've made these the weather has been either chilly or rainy, so we haven't gotten to play with them. But I can't wait to fill up some  buckets of water and watch my boys have a water fight! I'll definitely be taking pictures of it and posting them! 

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  1. Use a mesh bag that you'd wash your bra in to store them.


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