Best Fluffy Egg Trick

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You know how when you make scrambled eggs they just turn out crumbly and kind of flat?? I always hate when I get eggs like that, and I always did up until I learned a few tricks on how to get them FLUFFY!
I actually learned this from one of the Mormon missionaries while I was in high school.

My instructions are kind of...."rough draft" material. 
So, bare with me, doll face.

First...toss a hunk of butter in a pan on medium heat.
(FYI....butter makes everything taste better, but makes your butt look like a hunk of butter, which is bad.)
While the deliciousness melts in the pan, crack open some eggs into a mixing bowl. 
I always feel like scrambled eggs cook down, meaning I need to scramble like 4 eggs to feel like I'm eating 2. Maybe I'm alone on this one?

Pour in some milk and whisk to a fluffy mixture. I was told that using more milk to your eggs helps make them fluffy, so I always add some until I say to myself "Whoa that's probably a little too much", which in other words equals just enough.  
Also, I always add pepper to my egg mix but never salt because I have read that adding salt early can make your eggs rubbery. I always add salt towards the end. 
Pour your eggs into your pan, you should hear a LIGHT sizzle, but it shouldn't start bowling. Why did I type bowling?? Eggs can't bowl. Obviously I meant to say "boiling".
However....there is something called the Egg Bowl.

 If it does sizzle alot, your pan is too hot. Once you pour it in, don't mess with it.
For the love of God, DO NOT TOUCH THE EGGS at this point. 
Trust me, I know you want to start whisking it or something in fear that if you don't your eggs will stick to the pan. As long as your pan is not too hot and burning the eggs, leave the eggs alone! But only for a few minutes. 
Once you start to see a small section of the egg mixture looking like it starting to "set" or harden or if you see any movement of the eggs like hot air trapped under the eggs, THEN you can start the stirring process, BUT, put that whisk or fork or whatever you've got away!
For the next steps you will need a flattened wood/plastic spoon or a rubber spatula for this. 

Using the utensil of your choice, slowly start to "fold" the eggs. Take your utensil and gently scrap the bottom of the pan and pushing the eggs around. I always scrap from the outside in.
Like so...
Now, once you get a huge mound of eggs in the middle of your pan, like this...
You are done, my friends!!
You have made your first  pile of super fluffy eggs!

To should eat them. 
Because they're delicious. 


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