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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm SO excited that I got this done FINALLY!!!  I saw this Menu  Board project awhile back over at Little Birdie Secrets and couldn't wait to make one of my own!
I wanted to make this to go alone with my new Menu Planning that I'm doing. 

Step One: Get all the supplies you need

Sticker Letters
Dry Erase Markers
8x10 picture frame
Super Glue {I had some leftover from the I Spy Bottles}
Computer Paper
Step Two: I removed the piece from the back of the photo frame so it would be easier to hang on the fridge. 
Step Three: I had a lot of little cheap magnet and cut them into thin strips

Step Four: Using super glue, I glued the magnet strips all around the edges of the back of the frame. 
Step Five: While the glue was drying I started putting the sticker letters on the glass. {I used a small paper cutter with lines to lay the glass on for this step to ensure that I put the letters on straight}
I put the first letter of each day on first to make sure that each day of the week had the equal amount of space between them, etc. I didn't want to put all those stickers on and then get down to Sunday and realize that I didn't have enough room left. 

Step Six: Next I put the glass on top of the computer paper that I chose to use. {This time I just used plain green and white paper. However, you can use ANY kind of paper or background that you want.}
I traced around the glass and cut the paper to fit the frame.

Then I folded my green paper down so that on the top part that said "Menu", the white paper would show. You don't have to do this step, It was just something I did so that my entire background wasn't JUST green.

Step Seven: I cut a small strip of Velcro and magnet and stuck them together to use for the marker. I know too well that if I didn't do this step, I would have a menu board and NO markers because I wouldn't know where they were. 

Step Eight: Put the glass and the papers back in the frame and hang on your fridge!
don't forget to put the marker up there too!!

I think these are SO cute and I think I'm really going to like having this little project to go along with my Menu Planning.

It was SO easy to make and I think next time I want to find a larger vintage picture frame and use it as a message board!  

♥ Nicole

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  1. I made this to match my kitchen and turn out great. Your step by step details made it so easy to do. Thanks


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