Something New

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Did you all think I went missing again? Well, I did, for a good reason; finally got a new job and I am loving it. I am working twice the amount of hours than I was, plus the normal day-to-day chores and what-not that keeps me running around until I finally crash on the sofa as soon as the kids trail off to bed. That has happened to me more than a couple of times this week. We have had a couple of late nights because of spring programs/concerts, but even on the other nights I was hitting the couch around 9:30pm and borderline unconscious by 9:35pm. Seriously, I fall asleep within minutes of laying down..ask Kevin. I may or may not have fallen asleep mid sentence while talking to him on more than one several occasions.
However, even though the new schedule has been quite a change for us and I feel like I'm running around like a nut job lately, my new place of work has really been a positive change and I'm actually feeling more stress free. Perhaps it's because I'm not dealing with as many complaining customers and issues as I was with U.S. Cellular, or because the work environment is so positive, or because I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. Whatever the reason, I don't care....I'm just enjoying it. Don't get me wrong, I miss my friends from Cosby's like crrrrazy! There are so many things I miss about each of them and I wish I could still see them everyday. I miss all the laughing! Anyone with US Cellular service for the past year knows how many issues there has been. Well, working for them was twice as much fun. Working with friends and people I love is what has held it together, and because I care about all of them, I wish them and the store the absolute very best. I wish nothing but success for them. I stopped in there the other day to get my last paycheck and checked out all the recent changes they've made in the store. It was so nice to stop in and be welcomed with open arms. They will forever be my Cosby's family.

When this new position came about, I knew that the job and the hours would be perfect for me and my family. Not to mention the pay. I knew that I would get to really use my computer, creative, and people skills with this I went after it. When the job was offered to me after a few interviews, I felt great. Proud. Excited for the future.

After starting there is when I learned that I got hired into something better than I expected. It's a great work environment, a superior agency that is ran by a pretty awesome couple with a drive and passion about their work that is contagious to everyone in the office. Everyone there really seems to love their job, and being around that, how can you not love your job too? It makes me excited to see clients coming in, to see the business grow, and to see the success the agents have. They're fun, easy-going yet driven and they just care. I can't say enough good things about this new change in my life, and I am really looking forward to what the future brings.

I leave you with this.....It's too cute.
cat that is excited to see his owner after being home alone for 3 days.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

You all know I am a huge lover of food (if you're new to the blog here, know is love, mmkay?), therefore it is a must that I share some recipes on here more often than the overage blogger. These are some pinterest finds, as most of the recipes that I try are. My Grandpa tries to give me cookbooks, like ALL the time and I always tell him I don't want them. I have about five cookbooks I keep in my kitchen: one is mine that I'm "building" and the other four rarely get opened, so I don't want anymore. I know before internet and smartphones, having a ton of recipe books was the only way to get new recipes to try. I know this because my son's Grandma has about 20+ totes full of them to prove it. Now, we have the internet and Pinterest and I don't need all those books taking up extra space. I have other piles of reading books to do that. 

I'm hungry, let's talk about this food...
When I read the ingredients for this I was like "Gross", but decided to give it a try anyways (because that makes sense). I'm glad I did! I really like this! I think I might like it a little bit more than Kevin and the kids, because it's sweet, but they'll eat it at least. For only being three ingredients, no excuses, just try it. 

3-4lbs Chicken (I've used both boneless-skinless and thigh/legs with bone and skin)
1 (0.7oz) packet of Dried Italian Seasoning Mix
1/2 cup Brown Sugar, packed

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a 9x13 inch pan and set aside. Rinse chicken, pat dry with paper towels. 
Combine dried Italian seasoning mix and the brown sugar, mixing together well. 
Dip and press the chicken pieces into the mixture, coating front and back and place into your prepared pan, topside of the chicken facing up. Any extra coating that remains can just be sprinkled over the chicken.

Bake for 50-60 minutes or until chicken is done. Turn the chicken over a couple of times and spoon the melted brown sugar mix over the baking chicken, with the final turn leaving the topside facing up for the last bit of baking.

It's pretty darn tasty.

My one and only "Go To" biscuit has to be 7-Up Biscuits
Although I am a good cook, I'm not a fan of baking breads. My bread and rolls end badly every time...and I don't know why. But these biscuits, my friends, are so yummy. They're good plain, with butter or jelly, under homemade sausage gravy, as breakfast sandwiches....they're just awesome.

4 cups Bisquick (or baking mix)
1 cup sour cream
1 cup 7-Up (I've used Sprite)
1/2 cup melted butter

Melt butter and place in 9x13 baking dish.
Cut sour cream into Bisquick, then mix in the 7-Up. Dump dough onto floured surface and flour your hands. Pat or roll dough out to about 1-inch thick. Using a round flour cutter (I use the rim of a drinking glass), flouring between each cut, begin cutting out your biscuits. I usually have to pat the dough out once more. I cut 12 biscuits.
Place biscuits in baking dish on top of butter. Bake at 425 degress F until golden brown.

Oh. My. good.

Lastly, is this amazing, delicious, best cake on earth, Too Much Chocolate Cake
I got this recipe from a friend that was hosting a Pampered Chef party for me, and she served this to us for dessert. Now, I have declared that this cake will always be baked for Kevin and the kids' birthdays (along with their desired birthday cake, of course. There's nothing wrong with having two cakes, guys...). 

1 (18.25oz) box of Devil's Food cake mix (The Duncan Hines brand is the only one I find that is the right size)
1 (5.9oz) package instant chocolate pudding mix
1 cup sour cream
1 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs
1/2 cup warm water
2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips
1 jar Fudge Smuckers Toppings (recipe doesn't call for it, but for us it is a must).
Sprinkles/Nuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
In a large bowl, mix together the cake and pudding mixes, sour cream, oil, beaten eggs and water. Stir in the chocolate chips and pour batter into a well greased 12 cup bundt pan.
Bake for 50 to 55 minutes, or until top is springy to the touch and a wooden toothpick inserted comes out clean. Cool cake thoroughly in pan at least an hour and a half before inverting onto a plate If desired. Spoon fudge topping all over cake, allowing it to drizzle down the sides. Finish with sprinkles, chopped nuts, or mini candies/chocolate chips if desired.

Ohhhhhh my God, you guys....this cake is amazing!

Now, go make all this for a big family dinner tonight, relax, and enjoy your life. ♥

bag lady

Monday, March 3, 2014

Recently around blog and vlog land, ladies are unleashing the contents of their bags....Why?? Because we're women, which means that we like to see what other gals are carrying around in their Thirty One bags or "high end" brand dupes from Target, because we desperately needed to clean our purse out anyways so why not make a blog post out of it, and because we're just down right nosey. So let's just jump right into this, because I had a lot of shit in my purse that this might take awhile....

To start off, at the time I cleaned out my purse, I was carrying all my treasures in this bad boy. Not exactly the same purse, but pretty much. Every time I part ways with a purse, I always look at it and think "Why in the hell have I been carrying this hideous thing around??". I always look at it in the same way that I would look at a purse that my mom used to carry like twenty years ago that we found in a box in the garage. Does anyone else have this or do you just intend on going back to it eventually because you really do love it? Maybe I need to investigate better purses before I go shopping next time. Right now I'm currently carrying this purse, except mine is a teal color. So, I did upgrade a little because I stepped outside of my comfort zone and bought a colored purse verses a black one. However, I did go from one Walmart special to another. 

Here's what was inside my:
- My checkbook...actually balanced and almost a full book of checks. Surprises never get old. 
- My Thirty-One Wallet...not piled full with receipts. no cash, as usual, but I did have a coupon for a free ice cream cone.
- Carmex
- Pill Case...with 2 Midol, 2 Gas-X, 2 Pamprin, and 12 Anti-Diarrhea pills......mmmkay.
- Travel brush with mirror. 
- Mini bottle of Excedrin Migraine
- Two Clementines
- Dirty spoon...awesome.
- A Fit & Active 100 Calorie Pack
- Sample packet of Maxalt (migraine medicine)
- ....make that two packet's of Maxalt.
- Package of US Cellular phone wipes
- Tweezer...that don't work for crap. 
- A beaded keychain that my friend's daughter made for me.
- A feminine pad and 2 tampons.
- Three pens
- Extra Watermelon gum
- A dirty Kleenex
- A little container of homemade dry shampoo
- Sunglasses
- Purrell Hand Sanitizer
- John Frieda Frizz Ease travel hairspray
- Bodycology Naughty & Nice Sweet Seduction Sweet Petals & Apple hand cream. (I feel like they were trying just a little too hard when picking the name for a $1 bottle of hand cream. And the smell is INTENSE!)
- Purple tanning goggles
- Avon makeup bag, with the following contents: Rimmel By Kate #14 lipstick, 2 L.A. Colors Lipglosses (Pink Pearl and Altered Beige), Buttered Rum flavored Lifesavers, Secret travel size Deodorant, Gold Bond Ultimate Healing with Aloe hand lotion, Covergirl Classic Beige 130 compact powder, Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Spray, Kleenex package, Maybelline Almond Crush 10 lipgloss, a little comb that says "John Broshar for Board of Supervisors" on it, and an Avon Mini Mascara in black. 
- My cell phone (US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S4 in White)
- A polka dot notebook that I write everything in

Now, why do I feel like the shopping bag lady from The Breakfast Club that eats cereal and Pixy Stix sandwiches??

Breakfast grilled cheese

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Peaking around my blog drafts, I found this one stuck in the corner that I thought published back at the beginning of January. Goes to show you how on top of things I am around here. Here's a quick little recipe, comin' at you almost two months late.

One day, for the boys' lunch, I decided to make this sandwich that I found on Pinterest, once again. Seriously, how in the hell did I ever cook anything fast and easy or worth eating before I started building my "Yummy Food" board on Pinterest? Thank God I have a "Weddings" board started so that I'm prepared when Kevin and I decide to run away together and get married.

I wanted to give these sandwiches a try and it sounded like something we would all enjoy, which we don't come across that often. Usually one person in the house isn't crazy about what's on our dinner plates, so when I find something that they all love, I'm ecstatic.

I'm not sure how the person made this in the original post that I found on Pinterest, but when I come across a recipe that looks good, I'll usually make it how I want but with the same idea. I'll make these new things, then the guys try them and tell me whether or not it should go into my recipe book that I'm making (which I need to tell you all about... When I finish it..... Someday). All three of them said that this definitely needs to go in there, so I must have done something right. I kind of feel like I earned some Mom points on this one.

1/2 lbs ground sausage, browned & drained
4 slices of american cheese
4 eggs, over easy or sunny side up (we did over easy, no runny yolk). 
12 slices of cooked bacon
8 slices of bread

Heat skillet to medium to medium-high heat. (To make one sandwich) Lightly Butter one side of two pieces of bread. Lay the buttered side down of piece onto the skillet. Top with a slice of cheese, then a couple spoonfuls of the ground sausage, the egg, then three slices of bacon. Top with the other slice of buttered bread, butter side up. When the bottom slice of bread is golden brown and crispy, flip it. After the second side is also golden brown and crispy, remove from skillet and serve! 

This sandwich pretty dang good! Not to mention how quick and easy they are. Definitely not very figure friendly and just looking at all that grease, bacon, and butter made my ass swell up. But the amazing flavors did not disappoint. 

slothful saturday

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to this weekend, for no particular reason. We have nothing planned and after spending the majority of our time this week being sick, a lazy weekend is exactly what we need. Although we're starting to feel a little better, some extra rest is still wanted and gives us an excuse to lay around and have more lazy family time, which is the best thing on earth. I actually have a couple of chores I could be doing, but I'm choosing not to at the moment. Laundry is the only thing that actually needs done, but that can wait until later tonight.....or tomorrow. 

Last night the boys had a sleepover at my Mom & Grandma's house because I had an appointment this morning, which I'm pretty excited about and may tell you about later. My Mom had to leave earlier in the morning to go out of town, and she called and left me a super sweet voice mail that I got to listen to on my way to my appointment, then I got to have one of my many chats with Grandma when I went to pick up my boys following my appointment. And I just have to say, for any of you have that have experienced a Grandma like mine, you know how exciting it is for me when I go see her and we just sit and gab over a cup of coffee while she is looking so cute in her pink plaid flannel pj's. She is the coolest kid in town, guys. So as I was saying, this morning started off well and has continued to do so as we are now all closed up in the house with our cups of hot cocoa, movies (we're watching Happy Gilmore for 4th time, in like three days), games, and books while we wait for another snow storm that's supposedly headed our way. I've heard we're supposed to get nine or ten inches or something. As long as the roads are drive-able when I leave the house Monday morning, I don't really care how much it snows. My house could get completely buried in snow and I wouldn't even care, as long as I can get out to the store for a loaf of bread first. But, Kevin does have to work this weekend and his sporty little car isn't great in the snow, so hopefully it doesn't snow so much that it sucks for him to get out. With him being the busiest on the weekends, we miss him a lot during the day and I can't wait for him to get home! Maybe tonight we'll watch a movie or a Planet Earth sounds randomly awesome and I'll make us some dinner. I know whatever we decide to do will be fun, I will just be happy to be home with my guys! I'm looking forward to another day of doing a bunch of nothing with my littles again tomorrow and before I know it my alarm will be sounding off Monday morning. The weekends always go by too fast. 

I leave you with some of my latest internet reads and finds:

e.l.f. makeup haul

Friday, February 28, 2014

I finally broke down and got some more makeup. I've been using the same one or two colors of certain products for awhile now, and I need a little bit more variety going on in the ol' caboodle. Yes, I still use a caboodle. It's not a thing of the 80's as much as everyone thinks it is. Now that I bought this makeup, I have nowhere to put it, because my caboodle was already full. Can someone give me my dream battle-station now, please?! Someday I will have one...someday. Anyway, I was browsing on reddit the other day and saw a post about a 50% off everything sale that e.l.f. cosmetics was having. So, I jumped right on that bandwagon and got myself $87 worth of stuff for, you guessed it, $43.50. Heck ya!

I got myself all amped up to make this a video post and show the products I got and give my first impression of them. But that would require me to possibly not look so much like the dirtball that I am right now. This way, I can wear my grungy sweatshirt and pulled back greasy hair with no worries.

Here's what the Fedex guy brought to my door...
Baked Highlighter (in "Moonlight Pearls") Mine came broken and I'm pisssssed!!! I don't have a highlighter and was excited about this! Guess I'm going to make a call and get this little guy replaced asap! 
Pressed Mineral Blush (in "Jet Setter")
HD Blush (in "Superstar" and "Headliner")
Lip Stain (in "Nude Nectar" and "Fuschia Fusion")
Matte Lip Color (in "Nearly Nude" and "Natural")
Eyebrow Kit (in "light")
HD Lifting Concealer (in "Light")

As I made this list, I opened each item and did a swatch here n' there to get my first impression of everything. So far, so good and the color payoff is pretty decent. However, I kind of look like this now...
Actually, this is what happens when you get distracted on the phone with your mom while two little ones are "making mommy so pretty".  Step away from the eye liner!!!

unplugged & a birthday boy

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let me just start this post off by saying, I can't get over how friggin' handsome [and ornery] those two little guys are in the photo above. ^^ Seriously...just look at 'em. 

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Brody's eleventh birthday. Eleventh!!!! I can't believe he is eleven already. Time really flies by a lot faster than you think it does. For his birthday we did a few different things over a few days. Saturday, his actual birthday, Kevin had to work and it was a snowy day, so the boys and I entertained ourselves with some downtime. Brody picked where we went out to lunch, a new place, Morgan's Ice Cream Parlor and Candy Confectionery. It is such a cute place! I love the design of it and the historical photos hanging in there from when the parlor was first open. Then again, I'm a huge history buff, so I'm always a sucker for that kind of stuff. (*sidenote: A "history buff" is someone that knows a lot about history, and I don't actually know a lot about history, it just really interests me. So I guess I would be considered something not as awesome, like a "history recreationist"...if that is even a word? It sounds more professional though, so whatever.) Back to my story, at Morgan's we ordered a pizza to share and we each got a root beer float. I wasn't too sure if I would like their pizza, but it was all really good. And, the floats happened to be the special, so those were only fifty cents each. Got all of it for only $12. The other day on Morgan's faebook page they were advertising about some kind of a brownie hot fudge sundae being their fifty cent special...this has to be stopped or taken away from my knowledge because I don't think my MyFitnessPal profile, or my ass for that matter, would appreciate all those extra calories. That evening after Kevin was home from work, we got dinner [pizza, I think?] and then we watched E.T.....because Kevin had never seen it!!!!! How does this happen?? But relax, because he did watch it, so I can now rest knowing that he can carry on his life, happily. Seriously though, he and Gradey hadn't seen it yet, Brody's been dying to open the one that we have that still had the plastic wrap on it because I wanted to keep it packaged because I thought it would someday be worth some money because IT'S ET, PEOPLE!!! Come'on! But, I broke down and let them open it *tear*. I hadn't seen it in a long time, so I really did want to watch it again, but the deal breaker for deciding to open it was when Kevin said he'd never seen it, and I couldn't have that. So, we hung out and ate and watched E.T. and it was an awesome day with my guys, as always. I just love them sooooo much, it's ridiculous. 

The following evening, Kevin and I had our families over for a birthday dinner. Brody told everyone what his favorite food of theirs was that he wanted them to bring, and we just had a big "finger food potluck". We had bbq and buffalo wings, dips, twice baked potatoes, little ham and turkey sliders, cheese potatoes, bacon wrapped was a real life in-home smorgasbord. De-li-cious. We followed dinner by having some Duck Dynasty cake, which I paired with one of the most delicious ice creams I've had in a long time. Now that Brody is getting a little older, he didn't ask for as many presents as he normally does. He's growing into that "Just put money in my card" age, so he piggy banked a couple hundred dollars that night. The next day, there was no school and Gradey was at his dad's, so Kevin and I took Brody to see the Lego Movie and spent the day with him. And to think that in three years he's going to be able to legally sit behind the wheel of a car and actually drive on a public street. I can feel my hair getting grayer as I am typing this. I would also just like to add that by the end of the weekend, I was officially in a food coma for three straight days. 

Also, throughout the last few weeks, I went off of my smart phone and back to a basic phone. I was just getting tired of always being on my phone. With notifications from email, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc....I just felt like constantly checking my phone was becoming much more of a habit than I liked. So I went off of it for a couple of weeks, deleted all the apps that were causing the most "problems", and just stuck to using my phone smartphone for email and news/reading only when I was at home in the evening and connected to wifi. I really thought that I was going to struggle without it. You spend so much time with something and depend on it enough, going without it is actually kind of a scary thought. Am I alone on this? If so, please tell me and I will seek the help of a therapist, pronto. After I switched, I was very much surprised to learn how much I needed to take that break and unplug, and how much I enjoyed being left alone. It felt so. damn. good. Not to mention that after I went off my smart phone, people acted like I just died and I barely even got texts from anyone. Not saying that I don't enjoy being in touch with my friends and acquaintances on a frequent basis, but I wanted to take that time to use my brain and think about something else for a minute besides my stupid phone, and concentrate on more important things in my life. The most important thing, my family. For me, I feel like so much time gets put into tech devices and games that it can take away from important time that you could be spending together if you don't monitor how much time you're spending on it. During that break, I realized that I could be spending a lot more time playing with my kids and concentrating on things that I need to improve for myself, rather than petty crap on my phone that doesn't matter. Although I just went back to my smart phone, I haven't re-installed any of the apps I deleted, so I'm still getting the convenience of my smartphone, without all the distractions.

I'm so glad I decided to take that break and take the time to sit with my thoughts and think about the more important things. 

Mascara review

Friday, January 31, 2014

One of my favorite and must have makeup items is mascara. Whether I'm wearing a full face or just brush on a little powder when I'm on the go, I always add mascara. I have good lashes, they're long and fairly full, but without mascara they don't stand out much on their own. So, I enjoy trying different products and brands to see which ones gives me the best lashes. And I don't just stick to one, I currently have 3-4 different mascaras in my makeup box that I regularly use. Depending on what I'm doing with my makeup and look that day depends on what mascara I want to use. Shocker, for all you non-makeup users, not all mascaras are the same! Here are a few different ones I have tried in the past recent months. 
via / via 

via / via

via / via

via / via

via / via

via / eyes by me

he stands alone

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today I have been thinking about my brother, which led me into thinking about the relationships I have in my life. It was then that I learned how truly special my siblings are to me. 

Brandon has been the man in my life since I was born and there is not one other person on this earth that will ever share the love I have for him. He's the one and only brother I have and there could never be another. And for that he holds such a huge piece of my heart.

Isn't it funny that the person you grew up despising and fighting with all your life suddenly turns into your best friend when you weren't even looking?

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